Service even after commissioning

The practical implementation of our planning is carried out after approval of the detailed engineering with an extensive range of machining processes. Different cutting and joining techniques, surface treatments and surface protection enable flexible as well as cost- and time-efficient production.

From component procurement to single component production to assembling the plant, we also include control cabinet cabling, field cabling, programming, visualisation, documentation, delivery and commissioning as part of the implementation.

We supply everything from a single source and you receive a ready-to-use, turnkey plant of the highest quality, also as a container solution or mobile plant.

Prevention and follow-up monitoring

Extensive test runs of the finished plant form the core of our certified quality assurance. We think through every case and put safety first.

This also includes training of future operators and comprehensive documentation that comply with industrial standards. Regular inspections of wear parts and short response times for service jobs help guarantee the reliable use and longevity of your new plant. We take safety very seriously and only supply you with equipment that has been extensively tested for function and safety.

Thoughtful implementation

We think ahead in the planning stage and provide consistent and realistic delivery times with our established and experienced project management team. We define which long-running parts can jeopardise the project duration by means of a risk assessment in the basic engineering phase and coordinate them with potential customers at an early stage.

Depending on the nature of this work, implementation times can correspond to approx. 30% - 50% of the project duration and approx. 50% - 60% of the project costs. The planned trial run and factory acceptance test at our plant ensure the functionality and quality of your investment even before delivery.

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