Biotechnology, Organophilic Nanofiltration and Pervaporation

The wide use of membrane separation in research is carried out as a genuine alternative to established processes. The purity of chemical substances and the avoidance of interfering substances are of utmost importance. At no time in the process may these be altered or even contaminated.

Our membrane plants therefore meet all the requirements for sterile and interaction-free work right from the start. The metal oxide membranes and stainless steel components are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade and are highly chemically and thermally stable.

As a research and development partner, we also offer micro and experimental plants as well as the leasing of plant technology. In addition to liquid filtration, we also offer plants for vapour permeation, gas permeation and pervaporation.

Your advantages at
a glance

  • Sterile application thanks to easy to sterilize components
  • Processing at standardised pharmaceutical level
  • High thermal and chemical stability for flexible use without chemical interactions
  • Long-term durability through robust components
  • Detergent-resistant materials
  • High and constant performance due to cross-flow design
  • Scaling according to your needs
  • Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of membrane plants


Membrane plants are very versatile. The following list therefore contains only exemplary excerpts of possible fields of application in biotechnology.

  • Separation of macromolecules from organic and inorganic solvents (peptides, proteins, modified carbohydrates)
  • Targeted recovery of cells from liquid phases
  • General downstream processes for the enrichment of microbiologically produced products

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