Resource conservation with membrane plants

Recycling and recovery of dissolved process materials and solvents are gaining in importance and are already required by law in some areas.

Processing and reuse can also lead to savings in procurement and process costs and reduce diversions and a reliance on suppliers. In-house reprocessing therefore ultimately also enables you to save your own resources and the environment.
Many liquid waste products can be processed and separated with our membrane plants to enable proper and environmentally friendly disposal or recycling.

Your advantages at
a glance

  • time-efficient reprocessing and recovery of process materials
  • Reduction of dependencies on suppliers
  • Compliance with legal standards for waste products and recycling
  • High thermal and chemical stability for flexible use and a wide range of process media
  • Long-term durability through robust components
  • Detergent-resistant materials
  • High and constant performance due to cross-flow design
  • Scaling according to your needs
  • Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of membrane plants


Membrane plants are very versatile. The following list therefore contains only some of possible fields of application in recycling.

  •  Process water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment (COD reduction, disinfection)
  • Acid and alkali filtration
  • Recycling of solvents

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