Customised equipment and filtration technology that really moves your business forward.

At Andreas Junghans Filtration Technology┬« we have specialised in process plant engineering with a focus on membrane filtration plants and offer you a wide range of highly sophisticated membrane plants. We develop individual and custom-fit solutions, implement them and deliver turnkey plants of the highest quality according to your requirements.

The complexity and complicated direct and indirect interactions between media properties, operating process parameters and the technical requirements of a plant are very high. The highest possible qualifications in process technology and chemical engineering are required, in order to successfully solve any challenging interface situations early on in development.


Resource efficiency - key factor for the economy and the environment

Future-oriented processes for the treatment and recovery of process materials and separation of high-purity materials are indispensable technologies in many areas of industry and research.

A large part of the energy is used for product separation, recovery and the concentration of material flows. Membrane filtration is becoming increasingly important - not least because its continuous further development ensures energy-savings while simultaneously providing the environmentally friendly purification of process water.

The membranes act like a sieve, filtering all substances larger than the pores. Here a distinction is made between microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

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