Service from the start

We know All beginnings are difficult. That is why we have made it our job to provide you with the best possible assistance throughout all phases of your project and to document all your wishes and requirements correctly and completely right from the start. We adhere to international and national norms and standards for the development and construction of complex plants. We use our project experience to provide you with the right product.

Together with you, we determine what the plant should do and show how the desired result can be achieved.

Piloting and project planning

During the pilot phase, we test how the membrane technology integrates into the overall process. We select the appropriate membrane based on membrane screenings and test the process with you under real conditions on site. Based on these findings, we then prepare a project proposal detailing the sub-areas of process development, process engineering design, construction, electrical planning, project management and the safety concept.

We test the membrane technology under real conditions and record all findings for an order.


Completed theory, ready for implementation

The result of the plant design will be a plant concept ready for order including 3D model, electrical planning and automation. On completion of the planning, all theoretical considerations, designs and preliminary tests will have been also completed and the project is then ready for implementation in practice. This first step of the development process may require a significant amount of the project duration as well as the project costs, depending on the complexity of the project.

Our conscientious and successful work in developing the plant ensures smooth operation and a long service life of the plant.

Either manual or fully automated

Our process engineering concepts are implemented in plants with varying degrees of automation, depending on the general conditions and technical requirements. In this way, we ensure optimum and stable process reliability and a high level of operating convenience.

GMP - Guidelines

When developing and manufacturing plant technology for the production of pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetics, foodstuffs or animal feed, it is particularly important to ensure manufacturing quality. We follow the relevant guidelines when planning and manufacturing the plants and can thus meet the high requirements. This means that the specifications regarding design, automation and documentation are adhered to by us and their implementation during plant production is monitored by us.

Solutions according to ATEX

In the pharmaceutical and life science industries, as well as in various areas of the chemical industry, many processes involve the use of organic solvents. Explosion protection measures must be undertaken to prevent damage to the plant or danger to persons. The European ATEX - Product Directive 2014/34/EU applies to equipment and protective systems suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. We implement the requirements of this directive fully into the plant so that these appropriately designed plants can be operated safely in potentially explosive atmospheres as well.

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