We supply filtration housings for membranes!

The most efficient filtration plants using membrane technology have multiple membranes. These membranes are assembled in filtration housings in order to form the core of our plants.

We have a range of standard solutions available for use in your own plants that are perfectly matched to your requirements for pressure and temperature resistance, material as well as the type of diaphragms used. We provide customised solutions to meet your special requirements and individual connection needs. We can provide the highest level of manufacturing quality right up to pharmaceutical standards and only use substances that are appropriate to your requirements.

Safety through

Filtration housings are pressure-bearing parts during use and are therefore subject to high forces.

In addition to the material, the workmanship also determines the quality and durability of our housings. Great diligence goes into all phases of design from the strength calculation to the weld seam. Our own quality standard is further confirmed by external certification according to AD2000 module A2 and regular testing by TÜV Süd.

Developed for
membrane plants

The design of process connections are subject to numerous tried and tested industry standards for membrane plants, thereby ensuring the highest possible compatibility of our standard solutions.

As an inhouse developer of membrane plants, we are experts in precision requirements and routinely implement them.

Standard housing for ceramic membranes

For initial membrane tests, we offer at short notice low cost filtration housings with reducers for a ceramic tubular membrane. For pilot tests and industrial applications, we have a wide range of filtration housings for numerous ceramic tubular membranes. We offer you as much filter surface as possible by making the best possible use of the space. At the end of these filtration housings there are perforated flanges designed to fit flanges according to EN 1092-1. Of course, we also have the appropriate reducers.

  • Membrane diameter 10 mm / 25 mm / 41 mm
  • Membrane length 250 mm / 500 mm / 1200 mm
  • Max. operating pressure: 40 bar
  • Max. operating temperature : 80°C



Clamp ferrules according to DIN 32676
Flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1 type 11 form B1
External thread R  
Internal thread Rp  
aseptic clamp ferrules with bund according to DIN 11864-3 / DIN 11853-3
Clamping ring  

 *certain connections only available for certain sizes

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